How to Download Torrents with FrostWire Torrent

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FrostWire is a free peer to peer client which allows its users to search for software, movies and music from other people. Now, it is easier for you to find what you are looking for with just the right keywords. The interface is easy to understand. All you need to do is enter the search term or the name of the product, song, image, etc. into the search box and wait for the results. Double click on the search result and it will commence the download.


FrostWire has introduced support for those who often download torrents to match other open source P2P clients out there. Since most that have downloaded torrents before are quite aware of the simplicity of downloading files, it is time to take advantage of this FrostWire torrent feature.


With FrostWire torrent, there are no numbers, statistics and the like to worry about. You will only be looking at the FrostWire window. Linux users have seen how well the torrent support has been for them. In Ubuntu, you can double click on the .torrent file that you have on your desktop or on any parts of your computer and this will start the download. If you have FrostWire open, you only have to drag the .torrent file into FrostWire and will begin downloading.


FrostWire does not only support dragging and dropping or double clicking. If you do not have the .torrent file yet, you can use the FrostWire torrent feature which allows you to download from a URL rather than the file itself.


FrostWire aims to please its users so the developers of FrostWire searched for a way to enhance the performance of FrostWire torrent. They changed the torrent engine so that the users will eventually enjoy better torrent downloading experience with the said P2P client.


If you are a Windows user, you can begin by browsing to a web page or site where you can find the torrent link. You ca right click on it and specify where you would like to save the file or you can just click on it to begin the download. Note that all torrent files are with a .torrent extension. Now, if you would like to start downloading your torrent, go to where you have saved the .torrent file on your computer. If FrostWire is your default torrent client, you can just double click on the file. This will automatically open the said program and begin the download.


If you have another P2P client on your PC and it is the default torrent downloader but you still wish to use FrostWire torrent, simply open FrostWire and drag the .torrent file into any space within the program’s window. You can also force to open the .torrent item by right clicking on it and clicking on Open with. This will open a dialog box. Choose FrostWire in the given choices. Now you can do other stuff while you wait for your file to be completed.

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