Get to Know the AIM Messenger and Start Connecting

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The AOL Instant Messenger or the AIM Messenger is one of the most used instant message service provider right now. The standard protocol utilized by the said program is known as OSCAR and can be used by most known operating systems like Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. If you are using a smartphone, the iPhone OS or the iOS is also supported so you can use this on the said device.


AIM Messenger was released in 1995 but it became truly popular in May of 1996 when the Buddy List was introduced and the standalone version was made available to the users. Back then, online messaging was receiving so much attention. The main features of the new and improved version of AIM Messenger which was Version 2 included private messaging which is only for two people, messaging service for chat rooms and file sharing.


The improvement did not stop there. Version 4 was released and it now had several useful features such as adding new contacts of up to 200 people. Plus, there re games as well which the users can play right on AIM Messenger. Version 5 was later released and it became one of the best moments for the program. This is because video conferencing was introduced.


Finally, the last version, V6, was released and was known as Triton. There are many fabulous features of the application including being able to connect to AIM’s homepage and the users also now had their address book. Users were also able to send messages to contacts even though their buddies are not online.


Even though the 6th version was the last update, one can still download products for AIM Messenger on the web. Depending upon your usage and device, you will be able to find plugins and other add-ons for Blackberry, Android, iPhone, Windows Mobile and others on AIM Messenger.


AIM Messenger is the instant messaging client if you want to chat with your peers nonstop. You can send messages, send files, leave offline messages, call them and talk for several hours without paying those expensive fees. The problem today though is that there are various malicious files and spyware that can enter the application and even trick the users. Hence, it is significant that you only use the updated version of the AIM Messenger so that the malware and the other threatening viruses will not hack into your account.

In today’s economic situation, we always want to save money or better yet, we want to obtain something for free. If we need tools for our everyday computer tasks, we always seek for free stuff. Folder compression is essential especially if we aim to save space on our hard drive and also our time when we are transmitting files over the network. It is a good thing that we can always find free compression tools on the web.


Downloading is one of the most popular activities that people do whenever they are online along with surfing and emailing. The free compression tools for files and folders come in very handy especially if you often download stuff from the internet.


There are several free compression tools that we can find online including 7 Zip, WinZip, WinRar and Stuffit. If we frequently transfer files over the internet or from one computer to another, these pieces of software will truly help you in completing your task. File compression can be done with just a single file or you can compress several files at the same time and archive them into one folder.


The free compression tools are par with their paid counterparts. As a matter of fact, tests have been performed and there are even free pieces of software that exceed the level of compression of the paid versions. This may be unbelievable for some but it is true. Plus, it is not a principle in the IT world that when you buy a piece of software, it is much better than the free equivalent.


Most of the free compression tools are open source. This means that their source code is open to the public and can be updated and be modified by developers or programmers. The contributions that come in are truly valuable since they keep a particular product updated and provided with bug fixes. More often than not, users of the tool can give their feedbacks about it so that the programmers will be able to help repair the known issues of the software.


The free compression tools are definitely useful if you wish to save time and space. When you reduce the size of the files or the folders, the time you need to transmit them is lessened. Similarly, if you download compressed files, it will take you less time to obtain them. To open the files, simply decompress them with the use of the free compression tools.

Facebook Messenger vs. Facebook Chat

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Facebook has rapidly captured the interest of people from around the world. The ability to connect with your family, friends and even to other people you have not met is extremely appealing. Plus, with the features and the functionality of the site, it is easy to say that Facebook is the most popular brand in social networking. One of the most identifiable qualities of the site, aside from the blue and white style, is the Facebook messenger.


Facebook messenger is not the same as the Facebook chat that we often use when we appear online to our buddies. In Facebook chat, you can get real time replies from your friends who are online. You can see that they are also using their Facebook profiles if they have a green dot beside their name. However, not all users stay online all the time and others actually limit their availability.


The Facebook messenger is just like the other instant messaging services that you might have already used. You can leave offline messages to your friends whenever there is something important that you need to share. In addition to that, the Facebook messenger allows the use of conferencing, wherein you can send the same message to any number of your friends. This cannot be done on Facebook chat unless you want to copy and paste the message to the people you want to send it to.


Facebook messenger is also a great way to contact other people who are not or not yet friends with you. If you think that a certain person does not know you or vice versa, you can send them a message through the messenger. However, there are some users that block the function and only limit the feature to their friends. You may have to wait for that individual to accept your friend request.


On the other hand, Facebook chat does not allow you to communicate with other people whom you are not friends with. If you wish to send them a message, you have to use the Facebook messenger or the “inbox messaging.” One of the best qualities of the messenger is that it permits the users to send documents and images to the receiver. You can attach files to your messages as if you are sending them via email.


With the continuous improvement of Facebook, you can expect that the messenger as well as the chat feature will persist to evolve. This way, users will get more out of the said social networking site and maintain their accounts.

Easy Ways on How to Use a YouTube Ripper

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There are millions of videos on YouTube which is why this is the primary destination of online surfers who just want to relax and watch their favorite videos online. In this particular website alone, you can find video clips of your favorite TV shows, music videos, parodies, interviews and even behind the scene clips from concerts and films. If you have found a video clip that has captured your interest and perhaps you wish to show it to your friends, you can definitely make use of a YouTube ripper.


Although YouTube is a fun website for videos, there is no option anywhere in which you can download a video. This is quite disappointing for users since there is no chance that they could obtain their favorite clip directly from the website. However, one can utilize a YouTube ripper which can download the videos from YouTube so that they can be saved on the user’s PC or on any storage media.


A YouTube ripper comes generally comes in two forms: the online and the downloaded version. The online YouTube ripper is a website in which you can get the video of your choice without having to download any piece of software. This can be very convenient for those who wish to simply download a video and not any application. However, a YouTube ripper in software format can be quite useful as well.


Oftentimes, these websites will only allow you to rip one video at a given time. You can however open several tabs but it will definitely slow your PC down. The good news here is that if you have a YouTube ripper application, you can download as many videos you want from YT. Aside from that there are no limits in sizes and in the length of the video. You also do not have to worry about your connection speed since you can download the videos quickly compared to the online form.


There are also pieces of software that allow you to convert videos into audio format or into other file types and not just FLV. This is essential especially if you will be saving your videos to your mobile or any device. Nevertheless, if you simply need the basic functions of a YouTube ripper, a reliable online website is what you are looking for. This is actually ideal if you only have to download a few video clips from the video site. On the contrary, if you need more features, the YouTube ripper software is for you.

Do You Need to Buy Antivirus Software?

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People that are hardcore computer users know just how important antivirus software is. However, there are still some that are in doubt of the necessity s\of such application. If you are one of them, then it is possible that you have a strong explanation for your position. Although you might have a valid reason on your part, there are numerous motives behind the use of antivirus software.


Some people who do not have such software installed on their computer might think that the cost of the antivirus software nowadays is too high. There are also some that do not use their PCs too much which is why they do not need such safety precaution. Nevertheless, if you are often browsing online, downloading stuff from the internet and plugging different media storages on your computer, you need to think again.


Buying antivirus software is always a necessity. However, there are free applications that you can download off the internet so that you can stay protected. Just what their name implies, you can take advantage of such security without the need to pay money to the manufacturer of the software.


You may have already encountered various threats online and offline. There are several errors that you read whenever you boot or use your computer and you might even encountered computer crashes. Such instances are caused by threats that eventually harm your computer. You may not take them seriously at first but when the effects start to appear, you know your PC is in danger.


There are malware threats that can be contained by the antivirus software. Without this tool, your computer is not just vulnerable but it might also be infected already. Almost every single day, the threats emerge and users have to face viruses and spyware among others. Through scanning regularly and complete cleaning, you can protect your files and data as well as the health of your computer.


If you want your computer to stay alive for a long time, a piece of antivirus software is necessary. Whether or not you choose to buy or just go with the free ones, the main concern here is if it can really protect the PC. Select one that safeguards your computer against known and unknown threats like Trojans, spyware, malware and other viruses. There are also tools that provide firewall so that you can easily block malicious programs that can access your PC.

If you are working with huge files and you are transmitting them over the network, you most likely wish that you can speed things up. Now, you can with the help of compression software. This is a piece of software that can reduce the size of your files and folders so that it will be easier for you to make your file transfer over the internet.


To understand how compression software works, we first have to know what compression is. This is the process of reducing the file size through the use of data encoding. This eventually helps in transmitting files more quickly and efficiently. Word files, presentations and such are not the only ones that you can compress. You can also use compression software on binary files, which can appear in the form of a dynamic link library (DLL) or an executable file.


In order for you to learn how much smaller your files can get through the compression software, you should take a look at the compression ratio. The numbers that you see represent the size of the data that can be achieved relative to the original size. Take note though that that compression ratios differ greatly. This generally depends upon the algorithm used by the compression software as well as with the nature of the file that has to be compressed.


Compression software can be really useful especially if you are running low on your disk space. Modern PCs of course come with large hard drive capacity but if your PC is not too new you will encounter this problem. A similar issue will arise whenever you are sending or receiving files on the internet. Sending huge files to your friend will take hours particularly if you have slow connection. And even if you may have speedy connection, such problem still occurs specifically to those files that are too huge.


File and folder compression can be easily performed through the use of compression software. This type of software application has been created in order to help the computer users to compress and decompress files. To be able to open the compressed files, you need to decompress them and with the application installed in your system it can be performed seamlessly. Compression is a good way for sending attachments via email as well as with archiving files.


Instead of taking up too much disk space in your computer or waiting for our file to transmit over the internet, you can save both time and space through the use of a good piece of compression software.

In order for you to become a successful online marketer, you should first make intelligent decisions for yourself particularly in your own transactions. There are a few tools that you need and while some of them may be a little expensive there are also some tools which do not require payment. File compression tools are essential in your case since you will be conducting a few email transactions and probably more file transfers over the internet. Hence, you need 7 Zip software.


The 7 Zip software is the application you need for your compression and decompression tasks. The best thing about this is that it can perform just like the way its equivalent expensive pieces of software can without requiring you to pay for it. This is a free and open source application which can efficiently reduce the size of your files and folders.


To run your business efficiently, you need a ZIP utility. The 7 Zip software is just what you need when it comes to transferring files and storing them in your hard drive. You can easily archive your files and transmit them over the internet without wasting too much time and bandwidth. This free piece of software can be used on any computer and is supported by most operating systems. Whether or not you are running a commercial organization, you can use this utility without paying for or registering the software.


7 Zip is indeed a wise investment on your part. This free program is just what you require whenever you need to archive your files and folders and in making backups. Now you do not have to worry about disk space as well as with the length of time you need to wait whenever you attach files through email.


In selecting the right archiver, there are a few things that you need to inspect. These are the compression ratio, the supported file formats and of course the cost. All of these three are contained by 7 Zip software. When it comes to the compression ratio, the said tool can produce smaller files and it also supports the most widely known formats in archiving. Best of all, the software is absolutely free.


While the file archivers that are available today may not be the most expensive pieces of software around, free is always a good deal especially for businesspeople. This is why the 7 Zip software is a great freeware alternative to the other costly file compression tools.

Major Benefits of Open Source Software

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You might have heard about open source software but you are not sure what this means. As the name implies, the code itself is open. The public is granted access to the source code of the piece of software in question. According to the proponents of this type of software, there are many benefits that one can obtain from here when compared to a commercial product.


Open source software offers public collaboration which is one of its major advantages. Behind each project, there are tens of thousands of programmers or developers most of the time. This is because the source code is freely available to everybody who wants to access it. The good news about this is that if there are flaws in the framework of the program, it will be much easier to fix them.


Not to worry though because these pieces of software have been developed by talented programmers. Oftentimes, they make use of home built or propriety systems for their framework. Instead of just a handful of developers, you can count on thousands that watch over the open source software.


Another benefit is that it is not tied to a single company. Not only that there are literally countless developers working on the program, you can also count on the fact that you are not bound to a specific development company. This is specifically for websites that are under development. Now you do not have to worry because any of the open source friendly firms out there are welcome to work on your website.


Now, if you are that kind of person who always wants to make sure that everything is in perfect condition and is under control, open source software is ideal for you. In contrast with closed source tools, you are not forced to believe the claims of the vendor regarding the quality of the software and other aspects. The truth of the matter is if the source code of a particular program is not available for the public to access, the vendor claims will remain as claims.


The flexibility of the open source software is yet another benefit. The requirements of people change including those that often use computers and pieces of software. Open source software can keep up to these changes mainly because they can be easily modified by modern developers or programmers.


If you are a programmer yourself, you can modify the code so that your experience as the end user will be a remarkable one. Open source software can give security guarantee pertaining to the freedom from vulnerabilities in connection with the software itself.


Lower Software Expenses with Open Office Software

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If you are a small business owner, you are always seeking for ways to keep your expenses low. Similarly, if you are commencing the establishment of your business, you need to be smart enough to handle the costs. We all know that pieces of software are essential to the growth of the business. However, we do not always have to settle for the most expensive ones out in the market. As a matter of fact, we can use free tools such as Open Office software.


Enterprise owners are constantly pursuing end result particularly when it comes to the profits. It is not entirely difficult to understand the formula for a successful company. What you need to do is to increase your sales while minimizing the expenses. Obviously, this is easier said than done since the fact remains that production costs such as internet access, fuel, rent, insurance and others continue to rise.


This is where Open Office software can be a great service for you. Since you are on a tight budget, you cannot afford to buy those expensive pieces of software for your office needs. You can write documents, tabulate your earnings or create maps and diagrams and generate presentations.


The Open Office software comes with a bundle of tools that can really help you save. Imagine getting a word processor, a database, spreadsheet program, application for making multimedia presentations and a drawing tool – all of these can be yours for free.


Managers and auditors can get loads of advantages from Write and Calc, the word processor and the spreadsheet respectively. Both of these have all the features that you need. There is nothing missing at all. In Write, this has its helpful options such as autocorrect and autocomplete. You can create your documents easily in open document format or ODC. You can also edit your Word documents here and open DOCX files. Write also allows the users to generate their own PDF files, which is truly useful for many businesses.


Meanwhile, Calc has the same virtues as Writer. You can also create and read your old Excel documents here. This is really a huge helping hand especially since in many businesses, there is a need to deal with invoicing, payroll and other types of expense tracking schemes. Such activities can be extremely difficult if you do not have a spreadsheet to aid you. This is why Calc is a great tool for computing.


Probably the best thing about Open Office software is that the tools that are included here will always be free. Open Office is an open source office suite that will help you towards the productivity and the profitability of your business. Since this is free, you can perform and complete all your tasks without the need to pay for anything such as updates and fixes. Legally use Open Office software at no cost!


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Manipulate PDF Files with PDF Editing Software

PDF or portable document format files are quite known today because this file type is used in e-books and manuals. PDF has the ability to preserve the complete look of the book itself unlike word processors. If you will be authoring an e-book yourself, and you have already turned it into a PDF file, modifying its content might seem complicated. But now that there are PDF editing software applications that can be used, there is no need to worry about manipulating your PDFs.


With PDF editing software, it is much easier to modify the text found within the file. You can either create a back up copy of the original or you can merge the changes that you have made into a new file. If you would like to get rid of your old file, you can simply save the modifications into the original PDF.


Changing the images within the document is also permitted. Before, most people would use a word processor first before they could edit a PDF file. Now, you do not have to copy and paste the contents of the document or convert it to .doc just so you can edit it. Change images in the file even if you have already finalized it.


Using the PDF editing tool, you can tidy up the mistakes in your document and even add more text to make it more interesting for your readers. Oftentimes, you may find that there are typos in your document. You can sort them out and correct the mistakes quickly with the use of the PDF editing software.


The tools for editing portable document format files also allow you to reuse your docs. You do not need the source file just so you can modify them. You can directly edit them without the need for a lot of paper. You can fill up the forms on your document with no need of printing out the output.


With an editing software application for PDF, it does not matter whether you will just change a single word, a paragraph, a single photo or the whole page. You can reformat the text and make it appear like the original.


There is good news for the budget conscious. Now you do not have to worry about paying money for the PDF editing software. This is because there are applications that can be downloaded and used entirely free of charge. It is not complicated to use the editing tools because of their friendly interface. Edit practically anything on your PDF file using the PDF editing software.